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Simply Southern Seafood Since 1983
The Original Oyster House restaurant first opened its doors in Gulf Shores in 1983. Our restaurant on the Causeway, overlooking Mobile Bay, opened in 1985. Since then we have proudly served the Gulf Coast the best seafood in a casual atmosphere with genuine southern hospitality.

Our Fire-Grilled Oysters

Oysters are the must-eat mollusk of the Deep South. Whether you like ‘em with hot sauce and horseradish on a cracker or you prefer to slurp them right from their half-shells, this briny bivalve is always on the table and VERSATILE. The Original Oyster House bolsters the unforgettable flavors of oysters by chargrilling them to perfection. The flames bring out their savory taste, while searing the meat which keeps them juicy and tender. Add Joe and Dave’s special garlic butter, a sprinkle of parmesan and Romano cheeses, and fresh, crusty bread on the side to sop up all those amazing juices and you have “passion on a half shell.” And while relishing fire-grilled oysters, know the shells are returned back to Alabama’s waters to help grow new oysters and enhance the marine ecosystem. This past year, the Original Oyster House piloted Alabama’s FIRST Oyster Shell Recycling Program. The Original Oyster House is one of the only restaurants in Alabama to oyster garden, growing oysters to restore the oyster reef.

How We Prepare Our Oysters

At the Original Oyster House, we char-grill  oysters on the half shell and add Joe and Dave’s special garlic butter. We grill the oysters just long enough to give them that unique charbroiled taste but not too long making them chewy. We top everything off with parmesan and Romano cheese that’s still sizzling when it arrives at your table. A New Orleans tradition, we too serve our Fire-Grilled Oysters with fresh, crusty French bread with grill marks. Our guests love to soak up the oyster liquor and the remaining garlic butter mixture.

Your Appetizer, Fresh Off the Grill

Straight from the Gulf of Mexico and served fresh off the grill, it’s hard to find more flavorful fire-grilled oysters. When you’re in Southern Alabama, come find out why the Original Oyster House is known for having the best oysters in Gulf Shores and Mobile. Oysters can be ordered by the half dozen or dozen, and we recommend getting them as an appetizer to share with friends and family. Trust us: when your oysters get to the table, everyone is going to want to try them. Just make sure your group leaves enough room for an entrée and dessert.

You can find our grilled oysters in Gulf Shores and along the Mobile Causeway at both of the Original Oyster House locations. Come visit us for our warm hospitality and exceptional seafood.

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