Honor, the four-foot tall, fiberglass oyster statue painted by local artist Ameri’ca Jones and inspired by Dr. Barry Booth, founder of Honor Flight South Alabama (HFSA), is the latest sculpture sponsored by the Original Oyster House and unveiled on the Oyster Trail. The Oyster Trail is a fun, educational and public art program that benefits restoration efforts of the all-volunteer Oyster Gardeners, Auburn University Marine Extension and Research Center, The downtown Mobile Alliance, the Mobile Arts Council, the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Honor was unveiled at the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores on Saturday morning, July 12 at a breakfast reception honoring veterans. The breakfast was fully attended by veterans including WWII vets/Honor Flight participants, Honor Flight guardians, media, local representatives, sponsors, oyster enthusiasts and art patrons.

“From the very beginning we knew this oyster was special. This Oyster, named Honor, allows us to step back and consider the sacrifices of those before us that help us live our dreams,” noted Oyster Trail coordinator and scientist P.J.Waters, as he presented the Oyster Trail Program to the attendees. He also recognized Marie Dyson, a volunteer Oyster Trail coordinator.

Dr. Barry Booth, DMD was requested to join Waters, Joe Roszkowski and David Dekle, co-owners of the Original Oyster House restaurants and Ameri’ca Jones in unveiling the spectacular Oyster with his Honor Flight team that included Colonel Pat Downing, Colonel John New and Margaret Coley.

“It’s a communal effort for us to support each other and give honor to those who sacrificed so much 60 years ago along with their families, because they gave us their youth so we can live our dreams today and have the America we have,” Booth stated passionately to his captive audience.

“In unveiling this wonderful honor to all the veterans, I think Ameri’ca Jones did a magnificent job capturing the essence of the support of all vet organizations.

Honor flight is depicted on the back of the oyster. Each of you and everyone was a support: the kids, the schools, the families, vet service organizations, communities, churches throughout South Alabama made Honor Flight a success.”

Pointing to the HFSA belt buckle worn by the flight team, Booth continued, “The belt buckle is depicted on the back of the oyster. We are very proud. We have Bill Tunnel here from the Battleship, which is depicted on the other side.

Ameri’ca has done a fantastic job capturing veteran and community support, and portraying the honor of all those who serve…not only those in uniforms but the families cause the families give to the nation the most precious things in their lives; they give their children and we should never forget them,” Booth said emotionally as Honor was unveiled.

David Dekle, co-owner and vice president of the Original Oyster House restaurants, followed Booth with a short tribute to the veterans. “Honor is integrity in your beliefs and integrity in your actions. I have had the opportunity, through David Riley, to host deep sea fishing trips for disabled veterans. They exude honor. This comes naturally to them. It’s hard to thank these guys because they have given all. What a treasure you are to this country,” said Dekle.

Deacon George Yeend opened and closed the program with blessing stating, “Our job now is to pass on what motivated you to the next generation.”

Honor became the second Oyster Trail installment in Gulf Shores, the first installation at the oldest Gulf Shores’ seafood restaurant and the 17th installment on the Oyster Trail. Honor pays tribute to all who serve and also documents the Honor Flight South Alabama logo and history with a plaque inscription mounted to the base of the oyster that reads: From 2008 thru 2013 Honor Flight South Alabama honored 957 World War II veterans with a visit to their Memorial in Washington DC. Our thanks to Dr. Barry L Booth and the entire honor-flight team of guardians, donors and volunteers. The “greatest heroes of our time” received the recognition they deserved for saving our nation and the world.

The Original Oyster House has become the “must-go-to” place for great fresh Gulf seafood, service and southern hospitality and for its panoramic waterfront sunsets. A top-spot for hand-shucked and fire-grilled oysters, the Original Oyster House has also become legendary for its homemade gumbo, cheesy grits with blackened shrimp, as well as handcrafted desserts including its famous Peanut Butter Pie. Patrons, employees and children are welcomed as family. Known as an employer of choice, Original Oyster House has long-time, loyal employees who value family, integrity and great service. Consistently earning high marks in customer satisfaction, Original Oyster House’s mission is to exceed customer’s expectations and received the 2014 TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award.

The Original Oyster House (OOH) has two locations, Mobile: 3733 Battleship Parkway, on the Causeway and Gulf Shores: 701 Hwy 59 on the Original Oyster House Boardwalk. Both locations offer spectacular waterfront views and have been celebrated as the area’s finest family restaurants for the past 30 years. The Original Oyster House is managed by Superb Foods, a management company of Geez Louise Boutique, OOH Trading Company and Joe & Dave Sauces and Seasonings. For more information about Original Oyster House, visit www.originaloysterhouse.com or call 251-928-2620.

fiberglass oyster statue

WW II Veterans and Honor Flight

Disabled Veteran David Riley joins the Honor Flight team along with WW II Veterans and Honor Flight participants to celebrate the unveiling of Honor, the latest Oyster Trail installment at the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores. Picture from left standing are David Riley, Colonel Pat Downing, Margaret Coley, Colonel John New, Honor the Oyster Trail Sculpture, WWII Vet Clarence Phillips, WWII Vet Gerald Davidson, and Dr. Barry Booth; sitting from left are WWII Vet Cecil McLain, WWII John Nettles, WWII Vet Unknown, WWII Vet Jessie Hadley, WWII Vet George Underwood and WWII Vet Russell Faulkner .

Pictured at the July 12th Breakfast Reception and Special Tribute to Our Military

Pictured at the July 12th Breakfast Reception and Special Tribute to Our Military are from left artist Ameri’ca Jones, painter of Honor, Mary Lou Roszkowski, co-owner of OOH and vice president of operations, David Dekle, co-owner of OOH and vice president, Allen Hastings, general manager of OOH, Gulf Shores, Joe Roszkowski, co-owner of OOH and CEO, Bud Morris, assistant manager of OOH, Gulf Shores and Dr. Barry Booth, founder of Honor Flight South Alabama..

Dr. Barry Booth explains transporting 957 WWII veterans to their memorial in Washington D.C.

Dr. Barry Booth passionately delivers his incredible journey transporting 957 WW II Veterans to their memorial in Washington, D.C. paying tribute to the men and families who saved our nation. He also shared his flight team members and their important role in the success of Honor Flight South Alabama. .