Dustin scarborough and justo longa

Although we are well known for our fresh Gulf seafood, patrons love our signature cocktails, spirits and local microbrews on tap.

To celebrate the season, try a limited time winter drink such as a Pumpkin Spiced Old Fashioned, Dark Irish coffee, or grandmom’s favorite to ward off colds, the honey bourbon toddy made with Jim beam, honey, orange peel and hot water – now that’ll keep you warm.

Lot’s of specialty cocktails to choose from on the drink menu. A staff favorite is Captain Tobie’s Bloody Mary. A spicy Tito’s Vodka bloody topped with Bacon, Pickled okra, olives and Shrimp of course.

There is also a nice selection of Bourbon, Rye, Blends, Scotch and Single Malt too.

And don’t forget about our local microbrews on Tap.

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