Brian McGhee, an Original Oyster House bartender, regularly invites folks to eat at his bar and most of the time charms them into trying something new on the menu or one of the restaurant’s house specialties. His natural creativity, personality and culinary passion make McGhee a standout as an employee, earning him the Employee of the Year status in 2011.

Brian McGhee

At this year’s regional bartender’s competition, McGhee premiered his own signature drink, the Key Lime Delight, bringing together an Original Oyster House favorite with an intoxicating and savory flair. Judges at the event and patrons at the restaurant shared excellent reviews including “it is honestly one of the best frozen drinks I’ve ever tasted” and “wow, what’s in this.” His cocktail recipe has been requested by e-mail and will be included as an offering at the restaurant. Although McGhee didn’t win the bartender competition, he proudly represented the restaurant and no one could deny the winning new specialty drink showcased that evening.

McGhee conceptualized the idea after eating a piece of the Original Oyster House home-made key lime pie. After many different mixing combinations, a star was born.

Key Lime Delight Recipe

1 slice Key Lime Pie (liquefied)
1 shot Tequila
½ shot Triple Sec
4 oz. Margarita Blender Mix
4 oz. Ice Cream Mix and Ice Blended
Topped off with Whip Cream and Lime wedge.
McGhee enjoys his job and loves serving the public, listening to their stories and sharing a few of his own. His charismatic personality exemplifies the Original Oyster House mission, “To exceed customer’s expectations.” Time and time again, positive comment cards or letters of recognition from customers share glowing signs that McGhee was just what they needed when they visited the establishment.

The Original Oyster House (OOH) has two locations, Mobile: 3733 Battleship Parkway, on the Causeway and Gulf Shores: 701 Hwy 59 on the Original Oyster House Boardwalk. Both locations offer spectacular waterfront views and have been celebrated as the area’s finest family restaurants for the past 30+ years. The Original Oyster House is managed by Superb Foods, a management company of Geez Louise Boutique, OOH Trading Company and Joe & Dave’s Sauces and Seasonings.

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