For many years Gulf Coast Seafood has been a valued resource of the Alabama economy providing jobs for thousands of people and a livelihood for families for generations. It is an industry steeped in hundreds of years of tradition throughout the state of Alabama.

Due to circumstances related to the recent oil spill, those resources have been threatened; and the effect has been felt across, the Gulf Region and the Entire State.

Please be aware that we at the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores and Mobile are committed to providing you with the best quality seafood available and, want you to feel confident in the safety of the product we provide to you and your families and friends.

In the aftermath of this disaster please be assured that our product quality is being monitored closely as we have done for the past 28 years. Be confident that we will only serve seafood that has been thoroughly inspected and meets our continuing high standards.

Thank you for making us your Gulf Coast Family Tradition we value your patronage today, tomorrow and for the next 28 years.

Joe Roszkowski, President of Original Oyster House Restaurants