2008 Employee Picnic

To celebrate our employees and their families, the Original Oyster House restaurants also are closed the first Sunday after Labor Day for a Family Picnic at Waterville, a 30 acre water and amusement park located in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

people at water park
water park jungle gym
woman with son
girl sliding down slide
kid playing in shallow pool
girl going down slide
kid playing in water park
kid going down slide
group of adults at water park
kids at water park playing
man at OOH employee picnic
people in pool
man sliding down water slide
man going down water slide
kids at water slide exit
steep water slide
water slide
woman floating in pool
people walking in a group in water park
exit of water slide
kid with pool float
kids getting ice cream
man floating in pool
kids walking with pool floats
kids walking in water park
man and woman sitting in folding chairs
two women sitting at picnic table
OOH employees
people sitting together at water park
woman holding child
people in wave pool
picnic tables at employee picnic
kid in stroller
OOH employees at picnic
girl in pool float
kids drawing at employee picnic
black slide at water park
woman and children at employee picnic
people at OOH employee picnic
slide at water park
girl playing in pool
people talking around pool
little girl at water park
kids playing in water park
fountain at water park
people in bathingruits
jungle gym at water park
kids playing at water park
two young girls in pool
kids in pool
water park
people in pool
mom applying sunscreen to daughter
kids sitting in pool floats
kid floating on raft in pool
kids carrying pool float
2008 Employee Picnic
two men eating at picnic table
man and kid floating in pool on raft
people playing at water park
people eating food at picnic tables
kids at water park
people eating at picnic tables at water park
OOH employees talking at employee picnic
people drinking soda at water park
group of people eating at original oyster house employee picnic
family eating at picnic table
kids eating
people eating at employee party
people eating at picnic tables
airplane flying over waterpark with banner
airplane flying banner
parent watching kids at water park
kids enjoying water park
people playing at water park
kids going down water slide
people enjoying water park
man with young boy at water park
man with child in water park
water park
children at water park
man and child at water park
child in wave pool
people in wave pool
people walking in pool
man with children floating down lazy river
man and children in lazy river on float
group of people floating down lazy river
man with child on lazy river
2008 Employee Picnic