Giving Back

Donations & Sponsorships

Organizations must submit a written request through the Donation Request Form. Please fill out the form completely online, or fax/e-mail the completed PDF.
E-mail: donations@originaloysterhouse. com
Fax: (251) 928-9394
or complete the form below.

Donation Request Form

Event Information: 6 Weeks (donations) 8 weeks (sponsorship) advance notice required

Terms & Conditions Superb Foods has a policy to reply to all donation requests by e-mail. If Superb Foods is not able to fulfill your request: you will receive an e-mail to that effect within 4 weeks of receiving your request. If Superb Foods is able to fulfill your request you will receive a phone call or e-mail to coordinate the donation within 4 weeks of receiving your request. Superb Foods reserves the right to require that the organization displays a "Compliments of Original Oyster House/Geez Louise" or similar sign (at minimum) with the product donation. Superb Foods reserves the right to specify how the product is to be displayed and handled at the event/donation. All decisions regard- ing donation requests are the sole discretion of Superb Foods and all decisions are final.